Striping Competition Winners

NPE 2024 Striping Competition

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A bit of friendly competition made its way to the Expo Hall at the 2024 National Pavement Expo and Conference with the first-ever Striping Competition, sponsored by Graco and Pavement Stencil LLC. This competition showcased the skill, precision, and creativity of striping professionals from across the nation, making it a highlight of the industry’s premier gathering.
The competition, which attracted over 100 participants, required individuals to stencil only the star portion and stripe an American flag while being timed.
The 1st place winner was Jason Gomez from Ontario Parking Lot Services, and the 2nd place winner was Nick Lucas from TNT Asphalt Solutions. Jason took home bragging rights, as well as a Graco LineLazer ES 500, and Nick was awarded a Graco ES 500 Stencil.
Congratulations to our 2024 Striping Competition winners and thank you to all the participants, sponsors, and show management for helping to make this possible. We are excited to begin working on some new competition ideas for the 2025 show – stay tuned!

1st Place Winner

Jason Gomez

Ontario Parking Lot Services

Graco LineLazer ES 500

  • DeWalt-Powered Airless Line Striper
  • Quiet, fume-free operation
  • Ideal for small/medium re-stripe jobs

2nd Place Winner

Nick Lucas

TNT Asphalt Solutions

Graco ES 500 Stencil

  • DeWalt-Powered Airless Stencil Rig
  • Ideal add-on unit for stenciling
  • Great for those blue handicap stalls