CHARLOTTE, NC (Thursday, April 16, 2020) — GemSeal is known for its high-quality pavement sealers. But, the company also has a wide range of additional products, equipment, safety apparel, and signage available at GemSeal One Stop Shops™ nationwide. Recently, the company expanded its inventory by acquiring three businesses.

Sealcoating Supplies and The Parking Lot Store, both in San Antonio, were acquired in February. GemSeal combined the two businesses to open the company’s newest and largest One Stop Shop in San Antonio. Plans are underway to add new products and other opportunities to benefit customers.

Contractors in the Great Lakes Region also have access to more products with GemSeal’s acquisition of The Extendit Company, based in Youngstown, OH. In addition to Extendit’s high quality products, GemSeal will be adding more DOT approved products, a wide range of pavement marking products, and unrivaled financing options to name a few.

“Although 2020 has been challenging for many industries, the demand for pavement products and related supplies continues to grow, remarked Jeff Spencer, VP Marketing. He continued, “With our two new locations in San Antonio, TX, and Youngstown, OH, we’ve provided contractors with more options to stop in and stock up.”

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