The Bitu-Ox™ line of industrial cleaning products is formulated and blended by Green Way Products, LLC, located in Mahwah, New Jersey. Bitu-Ox ™ prides itself on developing affordable, high-quality, highly effective certified biodegradable, and waterway safe* cleaners and degreasers. With decades in the cleaning products industry, they‘ve dedicated years of research and development to the Bitu-Ox™ line of products to ensure they are a safer and more effective alternative to the hazardous chemicals found in harsher industrial cleaners.

Their three industrial strength cleaners, Bitu-Ox™ 400, Bitu-Ox™ Bio NT and Bitu-Ox™ Pro are versatile for use in various industries, including: asphalt, construction, oil and gas, marine, automotive, public works, janitorial, and more.

Bitu-Ox™ 400, their best-selling product, is an oil-based cleaner with a multitude of uses. Formulated to liquefy and remove asphalt, tar, oil, grease, asphaltene, and paraffins on contact, Bitu-Ox™ 400 quickly cleans tools, equipment, machinery, and more. This top-of-the-line industrial cleaning product prevents and loosens rust, leaves a protective coating to prevent future rust corrosion, and acts as a heavy lubricant, release agent and degreaser that can be used in a power washer for extreme cleaning.

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*Product ingredients, except for surfactants, demonstrate an acute aquatic toxicity equal to or greater than 100 mg/L. Surfactants demonstrate an aquatic toxicity of greater than or equal to 10 mg/L, but contain no products of concern and are readily biodegradable.