Red Star Paving Co. awarded $53.5 billion contract for the first ever Rover Parking Lot on Mars

National Pavement Expo attendee and newcomer to the asphalt paving industry, Red Star Paving Co. will soon begin work on a 200,000 SF parking lot on Mars. This exciting project will be used chiefly to accommodate the 5 operational rovers, Sojournier, Spiritt and Oportunity, Curiositie, and Perserverance, as well as the numerous additional and various spacecraft that could make a trip to the red planet in the very near future.

The most cutting edge asphalt pavement techniques will be employed, including mixing a proprietary blend of recycled Legos, Terran pine cones, and regolith with chewed up asphalt to create a pavement surface proven to perform optimally in a very cold, dry climate. Red Star Paving Co. has selected to use the FirePave3000 from first-time NPE Exhibitor, OrbitGen Equipment Co.

Russ Turner, Show Director for the National Pavement Expo shared his enthusiasm for the project, “We are thrilled that our new friends from Red Star Paving, Co. and OrbitGen Equipment Co. are working together on this project. Be sure to check them out at booth #6XY0 at next year’s NPE in Charlotte, NC, Earth.”

Awarded by the Transplanetary Transportation Development Commission on April 1, 2021, the project is valued at $53.5 billion, to be paid out in the newest cryptocurrency, Pavecoin.

For more information on this project, contact National Pavement Expo at 1-877-APR-FOOL