NPE 2025 Suggested Proposal Themes

These key learning tracks will help jumpstart conversations around priorities and initiatives in the industry so that you can inspire and grow your team and business.

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Business Operations and Strategy

Get ready to increase operational efficiencies! The NPE Business Operations and Strategy track provides actionable content to help advance your day-to-day office tasks, policies and procedures, sales and marketing, and finances. Explore topics that include time management, office organization, M&A, succession planning, productivity, digital marketing, sales processes, and more!

Crack sealing

Refine your crack sealing techniques! The NPE Crack Sealing learning track tackles characteristics and treatment methods, how to best set up and prepare the surface site, when to perform, how to properly use sealants and mastics, and overall pavement protection and preservation.


Level up your leadership skills! This NPE Leadership learning track will dive into topics and content that challenges business owners and up-and-coming managers in the industry to re-energize and refresh their leadership abilities, become a powerful voice in the paving and pavement maintenance industry, and create and lead high-performance teams.

Paving Techniques

Navigate challenges and discuss strategies in the interactive and informative NPE Paving Technique learning track. Relevant for both new hires and experienced employees, the content in these sessions and workshops covers techniques, trends, best practices, technology, and specifications for both commercial and residential projects. Presenters are ready to share their years of experience and insight on paving design, construction, testing, evaluation, and maintenance.

People and Talent Management

Stay on top of what’s to come in the world of work with NPE’s People and Talent Management learning track! The way that people work has forever changed; labor shortages, engaging next-gen employees, and diversity and inclusion continue to pose new opportunities for the industry to innovate the way they recruit, retain, and develop employees, communicate and collaborate effectively, delegate responsibilities, create a strong workplace culture, motivate employees, build resilient teams, and truly invest in your people and boost your business results.


If sealcoating is your area of service, you won’t want to miss the education in this learning track! Discover more about setting up the site, equipment, materials and mix design, application methods, and environmental effects. There are also ample opportunities to learn new estimating tactics and how to best communicate the benefits of sealcoating with your next or existing customer.

Striping (Pavement Marking)

Explore start to finish techniques, as well as more advanced and intricate methods in NPE’s Striping track, covering everything from ADA striping and signage compliancy to lasers, thermoplastics, applications, and spray tips. The content in these sessions and workshops also delve into the best-suited paints and state-of-the-art striping machines for your project.


Gain a deeper understanding and knowledge of the industry standards, best practices, and solutions for power sweepers. Whether you are looking to find out more about the environmental benefits, safety or the advances taking the spotlight in the sweeping profession (AI, machine learning, electric/autonomous); the Sweeping learning track will cover it all!


Explore the cutting-edge innovations shaping the future of the paving and pavement maintenance industry in our Technology conference track. From advanced materials and techniques to state-of-the-art machinery and software, this track offers insights into how technology is revolutionizing every aspect of the pavement lifecycle. Join industry leaders, engineers, and researchers as we delve into topics such as autonomous machinery, predictive maintenance, and more.